Pieper’s Porch Winery Recap

Hi All! Somehow it’s Sunday night again….womp. womp.

The highlight of my weekend- wine tasting!

The first summer that Michael and I lived in Milwaukee, we stumbled upon one of Greater Milwaukee’s best kept secrets, Pieper’s Porch Winery!



Michael and I have had such a great experience every time.  In the tasting room, you can try 5 wines for free or 10 wines for $5.  We clearly choose the second option every. single. time.  During our tasting, we chatted with the wine maker’s wife who gave us insight into their wine making process.  She told us that they add apple juice to all of their wines.  This unique element really makes their wines stand out from the plethora of other wines out there.  We had the Cranberry wine last night and you could really taste the subtle hint of apple! Delicious!

Fun fact: They hand cork every single bottle of wine that they sell!  How cool is that!  She said they invite their friends over and pay them for their time in wine.  Sign me up!

After our tasting was finished, we purchased too many bottles of wine and grabbed a glass to relax with on the porch.  We chatted away about the most random topics, per usual, and enjoyed some much needed sunshine!

piepers porch

Here is a better picture of the porch!



It was a much needed, relaxing afternoon spent together!

Here is a look at our purchases from the day:

April 048

Oh and this bottle of cranberry wine that didn’t last long enough to make it into the above picture:

April 028

Like I said, we got alllllll of the wine! *Insert happy face*

If you are ever in the Greater Milwaukee Area, you should definitely check out Pieper’s Porch Winery for the great wine, amazing atmosphere, and the most fun and friendly owners you could ever imagine!

Check out their website: pieperporchwines.com for wine listings, location, hours, and more!


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